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Maiorana, V. P. (2018). You’re teaching subject matter wrong. Education Week, January 2, 2018. Rote instruction won’t cut it anymore in our fast-paced world; it’s time for critical instruction, writes …


  • Maiorana, V.P. (2018) – Strong evidence: the impact of roteism instruction on teacher education, and school and college teaching and learning. Based on Chapter 6 – Evidence of How the Issues Bock Critical Instruction and Learning, in Maiorana, V.P. (2015). Fixing Instruction – Resolving Major Issues with a Core Body of Knowledge for Critical Instruction. Lanham, MD: Rowman Littlefield.
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  • 1985 – Procognitive Individualized Instruction. VP Maiorana – 1985 – ERIC ABSTRACT The facts and ideas of subject matter are of little or no value unless such facts
    and ideas are used to promote thoughtful discourse. Those who teach with this idea in mind
    can be said to be thinking-skills centered or procognitive; those who teach without this idea
  • An Instructional Design Innovation: Why not Use Systems Analysis to Teach Systems Analysis?VP Maiorana – Journal of Computer Information Systems, 1985 – Taylor & Francis Victor P. Maiorana (2016) An Instructional Design Innovation: Why not Use Systems Analysis to Teach Systems Analysis?, Journal of Computer Information Systems, 26:1, 1-3, DOI: 10.1080/08874417.1985.11646777Viewed psychologically and not simply linearly [ie, as output-input-process) the cycle is the essence of systems analysis problem solving cycle itself, data flow diagrams, systems flowcharts, or structured
    English, the IPO paradigm [which as mentioned above is actually thought of as OIP) is at the…
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